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Download Italian Movie The DVD

The extras include 5 new Fist of Jesus little short films, Making of, Deleted scenes, Bloopers, Soundtrack, the feature fIlm Teaser, a gallery of more than 500 images and pictures, and the films: Brutal Relax and all his extras (2010) Metal Creepers (2011), and Golf Day (2011). English subtitles option (some films include also german an italian dub and subtitles), and more extras. PAL 16:9 Region Free, 0 (It plays worldwide)

Download Italian Movie The DVD


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Once again, I assure you this works just as well with the Italian language. Even if you can only understand a few words here and there when you start, your level of oral comprehension will increase without much effort by regularly watching movies in your target language.

An unforgettable look into the Italian political world, given though the eyes of Luciano, a ghostwriter tasked with writing the speeches of Cesare Botero, the Minister of Industry. In watching this movie in Italian, what shocked me the most was its relevance (even if it did come out 25+ years ago). Is it proof that politics and their protagonists never change?

This movie is about a Jewish librarian and his son, who become Holocaust victims. The librarian must use his imagination and humor to protect his son from the camp. Life is Beautiful came out in 1997. This Italian comedy-drama stars Roberto Benign, who also directed it. He plays a Jewish Italian book shop owner, who uses his imagination to protect his son from the horrors of the Nazi concentration camp. Although the topic of this movie is touchy, Beningni does an excellent job of brining humor and lightness to it.

A gunfighter pits two rival families against each other while pride, revenge, and greed tears a town apart. A Fistful of Dollars is a western film starring Clint Eastwood. It was his first leading role and was released in Italy three years (1964) before it was released in the United States (1967). If you like spaghetti westerns, and would also like to improve your Italian, this movie is for you!

When you think mafia movie, you naturally picture something Godfatheresque. But Gomorrah turns that image on its head, diving into the jarring realities of the modern-day crime family circuit in Naples. The paths of multiple characters are followed in this gritty foreign film, with all of them being connected by organized crime. Intense.

Famed Italian director Sergio Leone had huge ambitions with Once Upon a Time in America, but the suits at Warner Bros. absolutely butchered his original and very lengthy cut of the film for its US release, from 229 minutes to 139 minutes. But if viewed intact, the movie excels at telling its story of four childhood friends who grow up to be gangsters and get their loyalty tested.

A solid (mostly true) story and two acting greats fuel Donnie Brasco to its very solid standing in the pantheon of mob movies. Johnny Depp is an undercover FBI agent who befriends and an aging, low-level hit-man played by Al Pacino. Both are in fine form here, with dashes of humor and eloquence in their performances.

Educational licenses are for schools, universities, school boards and other educational organizations. They allow lifetime educational use within your institution.This includes a one or two DVD set: one DVD of the 87 minute movie chaptered into four 20-25 minute sections plus the option of one additional DVD of a53 minute version geared towards K-6 students.The 87 minute dvd includes the option of French subtitles, closed captioning for the hearing impaired and descriptive video for the visually impaired.The University addition will not include the 53 minute version, unless requested.For schools requiring subtitles in other languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Czech, Hebrew) please specify when ordering.

Library licenses are for public libraries to lend to their patrons. This includes one DVD of the 87 minute movie with the option of closed captioning as well as several different subtitle languages (French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Czech and Hebrew)

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The Kanopy Films collection includes documentaries, indie and foreign films, Great Courses educational videos, must-see classics and blockbuster movies. Watch up to 10 films per month, per library card.

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