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CP5:1998 is a Singapore Standard that provides the code of practice for electrical installations. It is a modified adoption of BS 7671:2008, which is the British Standard for wiring regulations. CP5:1998 covers the design, selection, erection, inspection, testing and certification of electrical installations for low voltage systems up to 1000 V AC or 1500 V DC. It also includes requirements for special installations and locations, such as swimming pools, medical locations, caravans and marinas.

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The main objectives of CP5:1998 are to ensure the safety of persons and property from electric shock, fire and other hazards arising from the use of electricity, and to facilitate the efficient use of electricity. CP5:1998 also aims to promote consistency and uniformity in the electrical industry and to facilitate the compliance with relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.

CP5:1998 was first published in 1977 as CP 5, and underwent two revisions in 1988 and 1998. In 2018, it was re-designated as SS 638:2018 and revised for the third time to align with the latest international standards and best practices. Some of the key changes in SS 638:2018 include:

  • The introduction of a new section on protection against overvoltage due to atmospheric origin or switching.

  • The revision of the requirements for protection against electric shock, including the use of residual current devices (RCDs) and equipotential bonding.

  • The update of the requirements for selection and erection of wiring systems, including the use of cable trunking systems and cable support systems.

  • The incorporation of new annexes on energy efficiency, harmonic distortion, surge protection devices and arc fault detection devices.

SS 638:2018 is intended to be used by electrical engineers, contractors, consultants, inspectors, regulators and other relevant stakeholders involved in the design, installation and maintenance of electrical installations. It is also a reference document for training and education purposes.

SS 638:2018 can be purchased from the Singapore Standards eShop. A preview of the standard can be downloaded from [here]. A copy of the previous edition, CP5:1998, can be found in the Lee Wee Nam Library Reserves Collection.


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