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Play Among Us Like Never Before with Random Roles MOD APK

Nowadays, there are hundreds of MODs for Among Us that we can download to access new roles and game modes. Installing these MODs will allow you to enjoy a totally different game, and much more complete, offering much more interesting games.

among us random roles mod apk

As of today, the best option to enjoy Among Us MODs together with friends is to install one of the 6 currently leading MODPACKS. The advantages of these MODPacks are numerous, since with just one installation you will be able to access different game modes and roles, without having to constantly change the .assets files.

To give you an idea, MODs that add new roles to the game are currently the most sought after and played. Being such a simple game, these new roles give it an extra touch of fun and some dynamism with respect to the normal games, which have already been a bit in the background.

The new MOD Extra Roles for Among Us PC is being a boom among the gaming community, as it includes several new roles and new options in just one mod. Downloading 4 new roles in a single mod is a luxury, not to say that today is unbeatable.

This new mod adds 4 new roles to Among Us, all of them very famous separately. You can select all kinds of options when creating game, within which is the option to enable or disable the following roles for the games:

The options menu of this mod is beastly, as it allows us to configure almost any parameter of the new roles. As it is obvious, you can control their spawn rate per game: it is set to 100% by default, which will force that there will always be 1 of each type; if you want to disable it you have to change it to 0. You can also set it to 50% so that it only appears in half of the games.

The Ninja's role in among us is given to the Impostors who can gain Impostor-ninja abilities to target a crewmate in order to end their life. The Ninja is really powerful because they involve throwing ninja stars at them from a distance, when they already targeted them, they have an 8-sec cooldown to throw the ninja stars at them. They also have the ability to throw smoke bomb nearby players so that couldn't see their environment with a 20-sec cooldown to fuse it. The ninja would first begin as a regular impostor but when targeting the crewmates their kill cooldown is disabled and a new button reappears. This also allows them to target since a black arrow appears for them to target a crewmate and an "Assassinate" button appears for them to kill the targets, and this could make them manage to camouflage themselves for a given amount of time until they come back to reality.

The Shifter can take over the role of another Crewmate, the other player will transform into a Crewmate. The Shift will always be performed at the end of the next meeting right before a player is exiled. The target needs to be chosen during the round. Even if the Shifter or the target dies before the meeting, the Shift will still be performed. Swapping roles with an Impostor or Neutral fails and the Shifter commits suicide after the next meeting (there won't be any body). The Shifter aims to save roles from leaving the game, by e.g. taking over a Sheriff or Medic that is known to the Impostors. This works especially well against the Eraser, but also gives the Eraser the possibility to act like a Shifter. The special interactions with the Shifter are noted in the chapters of the respective roles.

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The medium is a crewmate who can ask the souls of dead players for information. Like the Seer, it sees the places where the players have died (after the next meeting) and can question them. It then gets random information about the soul or the killer in the chat. The souls only stay for one round, i.e. until the next meeting. Depending on the options, the souls can only be questioned once and then disappear. During the meetings you can see, whether a player wears a darker or a lighter color, represented by (D) or (L) in the names.

There are always two Lovers which are linked together. Their primary goal is it to stay alive together until the end of the game. If one Lover dies (and the option is activated), the other Lover suicides (basically die). You can select if Lovers are able to have a second role (could be a Neutral, Crewmate or Impostor Role) You can specify the chance of one Lover being an Impostor. The Lovers never know the role of their partner, they only see who their partner is. The Lovers win, if they are both alive when the game ends. They can also win with their original team (e.g. a dead Impostor Lover can win with the Impostors, an Arsonist Lover can still achieve an Arsonist win) If one of the Lovers is a killer (i.e. Jackal/Sidekick/Impostor), they can achieve a "Lovers solo win" where only the Lovers win. If there is no killer among the Lovers (e.g. an Arsonist Lover + Crewmate Lover) and they are both alive when the game ends, they win together with the Crewmates. If there's a team Impostor/Jackal Lover in the game, the tasks of a Crewmate Lover won't be counted (for a task win) as long as they're alive. If the Lover dies, their tasks will also be counted.

Among Us will bring you fun puzzle adventures like never before. This game is probably too familiar to us when it has more than 500 million players worldwide. It allows you to play with friends or random online players. You will join them to form a team and have super interesting missions on the mysterious spaceship. The members will be assigned random roles and have to complete their own tasks. Besides, you should coordinate and interact with others. This will be a fun challenge to test your friendship.

In this game, you can create a room and play with friends via local wifi. Besides, you can also play against global online players in a battle with a scale of up to 15 players. After forming a group of enough people, you will be randomly selected for your role, be it the impostor or the crew. With each role, you will have interesting tasks to complete if you want to win. Specifically:

Modders continue adding in fun new roles to Among Us, the social deduction game from indie studio InnerSloth. It seems like a new role is being modded into the game on a weekly - if not daily - basis. So, just what roles could mods put into Among Us next?

Many of the roles that are added into Among Us come from Town of Salem, a social deduction game from 2014 from Blank Media Games. Popular mods like the Doctor, Sheriff, and Mayor roles all function in a way similar to their Town of Salem counterparts with the same names. Because of this, it's reasonable to assume that more roles from Town of Salem will come to Among Us soon.

Admittedly, many of the roles from Town of Salem already exist as mods in Among Us. Roles like the Mayor, whose votes count double, and the Doctor (who can revive fallen allies) function almost exactly like the same roles in Town of Salem. Still, the prevalence of these roles show how much players love to experiment with them - and role mods can be a great way to keep Among Us feeling fresh and exciting. So, what roles could modders add to Among Us next?

The Transporter role in Town of Salem allows the player to swap out two other players, which can sometimes result in getting the wrong person killed by accident. The Transporter role could be a lot of fun in Among Us, as well. Not all roles that have been added to Among Us, such as the Morphling mod, are from Town of Salem, though. This means any number of possibilities exist, even if most of the roles introduced so far have all come from the same game.

Mods and new roles are constantly being added to Among Us, so these roles could very well be introduced into the game at any time. Playing with mods definitely adds a bit more fun to Among Us, so it doesn't look like fans will stop creating role mods anytime soon.

The most popular mods for social deduction phenomenon Among Us tend to be role mods, which have their roots in other social deduction party games like Werewolf and Mafia. In these mods, crewmates, and sometimes even Impostors, take a role beyond simply completing tasks or trying to fool crewmates. They may have other powers and abilities that help their team and hinder the opposing one. Some of these role mods appear to have been inspired by Town of Salem, a similar social deduction online game that combines the best traits of Werewolf and Mafia and includes a Crucible style. One Among Us modder, slushiegoose, has taken this inspiration a step further and programmed a mod that adds 19 possible unique roles for crewmates and Impostors.

Lobby hosts using this mod can input the probability of a certain role appearing in the game and can choose to not use certain roles in certain games. This also allows players to try various options, like the Morphling Role or the Time Lord Role, without the other options. This Among Us mod is massive and could radically change the game for groups of players looking for a new or different experience. While it is not free of bugs, slushiegoose is actively improving the mod, and many versions have already been developed and released. Here's how to install the Town of Us Roles Mod for Among Us and what each role can do.

The most recent version of Town of Us includes 19 unique roles and 3 modifiers that can be added to the game. Some, like the Mayor Role and Jester Role, are bound to be familiar to players. Others, like the Time Lord and Child, are new. The roles included in the Town of Us Mod are:

The mod also comes with new color options, including a rainbow color option for player sprites. This is similar to the Color Changer Mod, as any player who uses the rainbow color will shift between colors at random. Players can only use the new color options with the modded version of Among Us. Trying to use them in a regular lobby can cause the game to stop working properly.

Role mods for Among Us have gained an impressive amount of traction in the world of online streaming, and, though many of these mods are exclusive to content creators, some have made it to the broader community. Popular role mods introduce special jobs for crewmates to complete in addition to their regular tasks, often including a new ability that empowers them against the Impostors. These mods have included roles like the Sheriff, who has the ability to kill Impostors, the Medic, who can revive a dead crewmate before the body is reported, and Jester, who tries to purposely get ejected to win the game. Now, a new mod by NotHunter101, the Extra Roles Mod, combines adds four familiar crewmate roles into a single game: Medic, Officer, Engineer, and Joker.


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