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iPod Shuffle Not Working? Try iPod Reset Utility for Windows - MakeUseOf

although tuneskit is considered as an itunes alternative, i am not so sure. the software is very feature-rich and is able to easily manage music, support for music libraries in the wild and numerous other advanced features, like new playlists, remote control of your music library from any other system. your first step in using tuneskit will be to create a tuneskit account, by paying some $10, tuneskit will issue you an itunes-like software key so that you can use it on any of your devices. the next step is to download the software and install it. tuneskit runs on windows and macos operating systems. i tried it with windows 7 64-bit and it worked fine. anyway, the tuneskit description states that it is meant for the mac user. hence, you need to create a new account and install the software on your windows machine and then transfer the license key into your mac. of course, you can also just have a single device and use the software on that device, but the license key is mandatory to transfer data between mac and windows. proscons gives iphone a native look leverages the itunes app store quick and efficient main feature is the remote control huge range of features supports music libraries gratis to use no trial period after the setup process, open up the app on your mac and start importing music files. as the name suggests, this is meant for apple users. as such, you will be able to play music and videos with ease. not only that, but you can also edit the track names, album names, along with music genre and artist. the software also comes with great features like track id correction, this lets you merge duplicate tracks into a single copy so that you dont get stuck anymore. there is also an option to tag with metadata, which lets you make your songs searchable, but lets you decide the tags yourself. what i like the most about this app is the lots of customization option. you can change the color scheme, font, background, folder icon, and even add a photo to the icon. in addition, you can set auto play and the play queue and you can even use your system screen as the icons for your collection. there is also a screenshot feature that you can use to create your own custom icons. one of the drawbacks of this app is that while the app is compatible with most of the ios devices, its only available for mac. hence, you will need to use a mac to download the app, and transfer the license key from your mac into your ios device. i really like this app and am sure you can find a software alternative that you use just like the original itunes.

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